Not your grandpa's honey and olive oil!

Don't be a Silly Goose! Our organic honey and olive oil are nothing like you've had.

Silly Goose Organic Honey & Olive Oil

When was the last time your guests said: "Wow, this is the best olive oil/honey I've ever had!"? If the answer is "Never" this is because you didn't have one of our organic honey and olive oil products.  

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Why buy a jar of honey or a bottle of olive oil when you could buy a few? We offer free shipping so you can spend your money on things you'll love, not on fees and taxes. Enjoy more amazing products and share endless silly moments with your loved ones. 

Our Story

Silly Geese at Heart

Silly Goose Organics is a family-owned business based in Broomfield, Colorado. We use only the finest organic ingredients and handcraft each product in small batches to ensure the best quality, freshness, and taste. We love hanging out with our family and loved ones. We also love being Silly Geese and we hope that our unique, high-quality products will create many silly moments for you and your loved ones. 

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