About Us

Silly Goose Organics is a Colorado-based, family-owned business that was founded with the goal to deliver exceptional quality products and unforgettable experience. 

We are a young family of three silly geese - Koko, Brooke, and Kash. Koko moved to the US in 2011 and has been living his American Dream ever since. Brooke is a third-generation Coloradoan from Boulder and has been putting up with Koko and his silly business ideas since 2015. Kash is perhaps the silliest of all geese, his favorite things include honey, yogurt, and of course the words "Oh, no!" whenever he does something troublesome. 

Brooke, Kash, and Koko

We started Silly Goose Organics so we can spend more time together (while satisfying Koko's entrepreneurial spirit) and create more silly moments for us, for you, and for our loved ones. We believe that Family, Friends and Good Food are the things that truly matter in life - and they are best when combined. 


Our mission is to deliver exceptional quality products, that's why we've made the decision to only use the highest grade organic ingredients, honey, and extra virgin olive oil.

Our promise to you is simple: provide you with the best products and customer service.


Thank you and we hope you enjoy our organic honey and olive oil products,


Koko, Brooke, and Kash.

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